Friday, June 17, 2011

Girls and Windows Vs Boys and Linux

Girls and Windows:-
• Both have a great GUI.
• Both consume large resources and do less work.
• Both crash unexpectedly.
• Both are not easily portable on different architectures (environment).
• Both can t work on low resource architectures (environment).
• Both are costly to maintain.
• Both give mostly unexpected outputs.
• Both working often contradicts with their documentation.
• Both are easily prone to viruses (rumors and doubts)
(and the (viruses) do spread very fast in windows based networks).
• In spite of all above disadvantages, both are liked.  

Boys and Linux:-
• Both have an average GUI.
• Both are robust.
• Both are highly secure.
• Both can be easily modified to support new concepts/features.
• Both are efficient.
• Both are easily portable to any architecture(environment).
• No matter how low are resources.
• You can easily guess the output for your input
(in Linux just open its code, for boys are mostly transparent by nature ).
• Both provide large support for development (work environment).
• Both are poorly documented.
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