Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Live life like a child

To be a part of the rat race, you have to be a rat. But you don’t have to be like everyone else. You can make the extra effort to be different. There are six simple things you should keep in mind if you want to stand out.
  • Listen to your own song. We were all born originals, yet we live in a world that seems bent on doing everything it can to make us copies of someone else.
  • Set unreasonable goals. Most of us repeat old habits and reactions, and parts of our daily routine have been repeated thousands of times. They are imbedded and ingrained within us. This leaves us rigidly conditioned to think and behave in a certain way. The challenge is to increase your awareness, so that whenever you’re primed to launch into an old reaction, you can pause and deliberately change the pattern.
  • Enjoy the small things. Remember how much fun it was to discover things when you were younger. Learn to push past redundant routine, habits, hobbies and hopes. Keep the spark within yourself alive.
  • Say no to gradualness. Just like Martin Luther King Jr spoke out strongly against making slow changes. “Either we risk it or we don’t,” he said. “Either we change or we don’t. There is no acceptable idle ground because it lulls us into complacency.”
  • Take the tough road. Only trials make you stronger. When you find a back door that’s open, close it. One of the barriers to positive change is having an easy way out of tough situations.
  • Use the rocking chair image. Imagine yourself at 95, sitting on a bed, looking back at your life, how would you want others to remember you? Are you the kind who ignores or accepts what’s in front of you right now, today?
We should look up to people who’ve made it big for inspiration and then go ahead and do what we believe in. Like Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers; he was an adopted child who went on to an expensive private college in America. There he realised that he wanted to be guided by his inner calling, and not be seduced to take the easy way out. He didn’t want to live another’s dream. He made up his mind and went on to do what he found exciting. He founded the brand Apple in his parent’s garage with his friend. Within 10 years, Apple went on from being a two-man company to a multibillion dollar personal computer company. Even after Jobs was fired from Apple by the board, he jumped back and started afresh. He was once again guided by his inner calling to do new, innovative things. He founded a company called Pixar, which created a revolution in the animation industry. He founded another technology company called Next. Apple then went on to acquire Next, and Steve Jobs was re-instated as Apple CEO. Under Jobs’s leadership, Apple scaled new heights again.

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